DJ3Starting as a DJ, at the age of 17 years old, Jersey City, NJ native DJ YRS Jerzy is next in line as one of the industry’s next big DJ’s. DJ YRS Jerzy which stands for Young Riot Squad is highly influenced by Funk Master Flex, DJ Whoo Kid and DJ Drama. With those fellow DJ’s being heavy hitters in the game, Jerzy speaks on watching them growing up “Funk Flex was just the king in NYC and I couldn’t go a day without hearing him on the radio, DJ Drama Gangsta Grillz series is amazing and I admire how the industry praises him. DJ Whoo is dope too and when G-Unit took off, it was crazy the mixtapes he put out, Jerzy explains.”

DJ YRS Jerzy has an impeccable work ethic and with this being said he has a great following with his series “Jerzy’s Evolution” and also “Beats 4 Da Trap” with producer Lex Gunna. The series DJ4“Beats 4 Da Trap” is just a collection of hard amplified beats for artists that love that hardcore hip-hop. Jerzy’s Evolution is a series that support indie artist on the rise. DJ YRS Jerzy indeed has many things under his belt and for his great hustle, it has lead him to get down with independent label SKE Records out of Philadelphia. DJ YRS Jerzy speaks on the situation “Getting down with Q The Question and Trel Mack was a blessing, those two saw my crazy work ethic. After I had Q The Question host Jerzy’s Evolution and the impact it made, me getting down with SKE Records was a given.”  With that being said with the SKE Records movement, DJ YRS Jerzy is head man for promotions at SKE Records. Aside from being a young DJ on the rise, Jerzy also manages up and coming artist Chox-Max as well. Speaking on the artist he explains “I see the talent and both those dudes are talented, as I DJ I have an ear for music and will push them to the top.”

DJ2DJ YRS Jerzy is a household name on the rise and history is indeed in the making, Young Riot Squad is what it is.

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