Oh No Its Y.O. (Young & Outstanding)




ohno3At the age of 9 years old, Oh No iTs Y.O (Young & Outstanding) was introduced to DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s record “Parents Just Don’t Understand!” From that moment on, his life would never be the same!  A young Y.O, from Westchester, NY, began listening and loving the hip hop culture like many other young kids around the world!  But something was different, he had a vision!  Heavily into sports as an adolescent and teenager, his love for music grew by the day.  In 2003 he began recording. One night with his best friend, Frankie Gunz, he got introduced to an aspiring rapper from the Bronx named AP the New Era.  While in the early stages of his career, Y.O was involved in a car accident.  After recovering, Y.O, AP and Gunz formed a label called “The Bottom Line Legacy” and began working on their solo projects.  Gaining momentum & a fan base, it was all cut short when AP was stabbed to death in the Bronx.  During the hardest time of his life, Y.O managed to fund & finish the album AP was working on titled “Awww My God” and dropped it on his birthday that same year!  Tragedy struck again, Frankie Gunz was killed in an auto accident 2 months later.

Fresh off hiatus with a clear mind and pure soul, Y.O looks to make a name for himself among the elite!  He is currently in the studio working on his new project titled “The world made me DO IT AGAIN!” which features Max B, Serius Jones and New Child Kirkland. He’s working with producers DJ Daze, EZ Wider Beatz and Double Octave Productions for the project and it’s scheduled to be released this summer on ITunes and Amazon. “I’ve been recording since my bro’s died but done nothing with the music!  I look at all those 50+ songs as practice from what I’m gonna bring to the table now” says Y.O.  He is in the early stages of creating a web series for YouTube that should spark interest.  “Me and EZ have the concept down but we don’t have a title yet.  All I wanna say about it is it’s gonna be worth 5 minutes of your time because we’re gonna conduct the most classic interviews of all time!” Y.O added

ohno1Now residing in the Bronx, NY, Y.O woke up one day and said “I gotta make moves with this music!  It’s now or never!” Those words set a spark to the flame because not only is Y.O back, The Bottom Line Legacy is rebuilding too.  “It’s a terrible comparison and God bless the dead, but I feel BLL is like the Twin Towers falling and the Freedom Tower being rebuilt!  It’s turning a negative into a positive and prospering!” concluded Y.O With a new production team consisting of DJ Daze, EZ Wider, T.Wood and Paris-based producer, MOH-Beatmaker, Y.O is looking to be heard!  Kenny K is handling all video production where the two plan on releasing several brand new music videos throughout the year!  He is no amateur on stage!  Past performances include opening up for Styles P, Tone Trump and Freeway.  He has performed solo sets at Club Avalon and China Club in NYC and has been featured on mixtapes from DJ Quiz, DJ 350, DJ Mo Flava and DJ Me$$iah.

New Child Kirkland (former member of The Outlawz and son of Harlem legend Pee Wee Kirkland) is a mentor and motivational speaker to Y.O. and claims “Y.O is a breath of fresh air for the New York rap scene!  New Child added “If he continues to grow as an artist, expect big things in the near future!” The follow up to his only release “The world mad me do iT”, “The world made me DO IT AGAIN!” hopes to impress not only the critics but record labels as well.


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