YVONNE JEWNELL New York X Young & Powerful


HRSH REYALITEE wearing a tee by Yvonne Jewnell Designs
HRSH REYALITEE wearing a tee by Yvonne Jewnell Designs

So let’s talk fashion and to get more specific let’s talk Yvonne Jewnell. She is a young woman who is a designer and actually had a very successful pop up show in Harlem USA where HRSH REYALITEE was one the performer to grace the Pop Up Show, and it was dope as @#*$ as usual. It’s good to see our peers doing things that will last forever. Check out HRSH REYALITEE (on the right) wearing a Tee by Yvonne Jewnell’s MADE IN BLACK collection where African Street wear meets urban couture.  See this is the point, to make a imprint and make it lasts. Cheers to my generation. Read on. 

Find out more about the MADE IN BLACK Collection Click HERE

Yvonne Jewnell Designs is a fashion design firm started by Tandra Yvonne Jewnell Birkett, when she was 17 years old. She is now a sophomore at Parsons The New School with a major in Fashion Design. Her mother, Tandra Yvonne Birkett, has been a teacher for the New York City Department of Education for the past 18 years and a youth developer for over 20 years. This T&T combination is an explosive innovative approach mixing fashion and education to produce the next generation of talented youth and fabulous fashion. At Yvonne Jewnell Designs we recognize that if women look good they feel good.

Therefore, our fashion philosophy is simple:

We make women feel Pretty​.

Check her out on FACEBOOK and TWITTER!!




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