One Cruel Spin


Mark performing LIVE in the Street Poets Den
Brooklyn, NY


We actually had the pleasure of having Mark perform LIVE in the Street Poets Den.

He’s a dope Artist, and he has a lot of great energy, and it was a pleasure to have him!

Check out more about him and click some links!



On The Spot is an intense poet, writer, and artist from Syracuse, New York. O.T.S. writes because he feels he has a relatable bowers1story. If he shares what he’s been through, maybe people can relate to his words and his voice. He hopes for others to learn through the lessons he’s gained in his life. On The Spot has performed in the Underground Poetry Spot’s Domestic Violence Awareness Show and the Syracuse Salt City Slam. He became a member of the Underground Poetry Spot at the 3rd Anniversary show in September 2012. In 2013 he started off strong and hasn’t looked back. In January O.T.S. was a member of team Underground Poetry Spot at the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) poetry slam in Buffalo and again in April at Albany’s WordFest. In April 2013 he released his first poetry chapbook entitled, “Intoxicated.” Shortly bowers2thereafter he helped organize with Adelphi University and Underground Poetry Spot: New York Edition to put on the show Uncensored Freedom of Expression at Adelphi University, which he also performed in. Since April On The Spot has performed in the Take the Mic poetry slam at Syracuse University, and also in the Buffalo Niagara International Poetry Slam (BNIPS). Currently he’s in the process of putting together his first spoken word album, but if you want to get Intoxicated, it’s available on in digital format.  If you want to stay in touch with what he’s doing you can visit his blog at, or email him at



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