It’s 1:18AM and I am in need of the familiar…

Yo! Check out some Poetry from HRSH REYALITEE! YOu damn sure want to head over to her website as well. It’s! I’m a fan, and you will be too. Check it out! Don’t forget THEE OPEN MIC is on FRIDAY August 30th 2013!
If you are in New York City you NEED to be at THE STREET POETS DEN on August 30th. You don’t even have to take off. It’s on Friday so you can feel LOVE and the drinks all night B-)

Don’t forget to take the Love with you..but not the drinks, you can’t carry cups around in New York City, Lol.

Hrsh Reyalitee

“If people are offended by.. so called words of profanity. That word “Motherfucker” I didn’t invent it. It was invented by a Mother Fucker who understands what a motherfucker is. Somebody that will fuck over your air, fuck over your water, fuck over your children. These people stole the stem cell out our backs- it’s not even ours! So I’m just saying, don’t get offended by the word. Get offended by the Motherfucker that is standing behind the word and do something about that.” – Pam Africa

Past experiences always looks to subdue God’s potential.                                             We recall the shift moves, that some of them do.

There is Luxury in….stupidity
but what is it made of?
Disaster seeks me still… but I move casually.
With my arms folder over my breast plate.
In case

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