I did a WHOLE write up as well as this post about THE NEXT THEE OPEN MIC SESSION! Scroll down and read! See you Friday August 30th 2013! Power to THEE OPEN MIC’ER!














july4Yo! I hope all is well with you Powerful People! I hope that with everyday that passes a new fire in lit in your eye. I hope that you are using all of life’s bullsh*t to fuel your engines and push forward.

Last month’s open mic was absolutely off the chain. It was nothing less than brilliant. The love was something real! The best part is this is because of the people. We are just people, and we are young! We stres this fact so that we may encourage you! So, even when ten years has passed along with our youth and we must be real adults. The ones who are babies now can read this when they get older and know that when they are 18, 19, 23, and 25 years old, they can do this too. There are some Street Poets who aren’t old enough to drink, but are old enough to assist in coordinating events such as this one! This is major, and something that YOU, yes you can do as well.

post4Even if you aren’t young, we don’t give a fuck. You are only as young as you feel anyway! Besides the Street Poets Den is a place where Love is Allowed to just be. We are grateful to all of you who come out to the show and not only come to the show but take with you what you gather while with us!

Don’t sleep! THEE OPEN MIC is NOT our only production! We have events going on around the city that we want you apart of and you can catch a Street Poet spitting in the city where ever they are at the time. So we are here! We are accessible and ready to hear, be heard, and make moves.

Now as for THEE OPEN MIC! Read this (because you can’t hear me say this right now.), this month we have a new method to test out, okay?

july6july8We are going to see if 30 people or more Open Mic’ers can hit THEE OPEN MIC. Honestly, HRSH REYALITEE is hosting the show, and if you know HRSH REYALITEE you know that She doesn’t give a fuck and she will make sure that EVERYONE who signs up will hit thee open mic when she is hosting the show. I Love it when HRSH REYALITEE performs. She isn’t my favorite Street Poet but I am a fucking fan til I die. I think She’s pretty damn attractive as well. Very attractive.

So back to the topic- After last month we want to make sure that as many Open Mic’ers can hit the mic as POSSIBLE! Hence the open mic name. Everyone that comes to the Street Poets Den has something to say, a purpose and a mission and I wanna hear it! We want to hear it! All of us is all we HAVE!

post2Crumbled thoughts is one of the two vendors that were featured at the event and when I tell you the people was supporting the movement. The foundation of a house of love was being built upon! 

We have NINA B and ‘The 6 of us’ featuring the show. The 6 of us is a 6 member band that is absolutely incredible. Some Street Poets saw them perform once at a BKLYN Bar after a Black Dangerfield concert. They raved about their performance and insisted that they came to the den. Well, I’m glad they are coming to the Den. Now NINA B. This EMCEE is faithful to the movement of HIP HOP and I hope that you are ready for the lyricist. She has music that will move you, make you laugh, make you cry, make you think, and make you be proud that the true essence of hip hop is not lost. That HIP HOP lives and will continue to do so because of real Art.

Here is something very important the smoking section is so real! We are going to let the smoking room have it’s due! PEEP!


Check Out This NINA B Video! She is one of our features for this month! See you Friday AUgust 30th 2013 at THE STREET POETS DEN!


The OPEN DISCUSSION IS ON. Underground Movements.

-The Street Blogger.

*Your $10 goes toward the Free drinks, paying the featured Artists, The Location Cost, and providing food – FBMT



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