D Flémon

Official Website - Download Her Latest Single on Soundcloud

A song writer, lyricist, emcee, D Flémon (pronounced: D Flame On) began writing lyrics around the age of 12. Growing up in the gritty city of Jersey City, NJ the world seemed to offer few easy routes. It wasn’t long after being introduced to the wonderful world of words she begin going in deeper, and never escaping. She realized she had a serious love for the pen and a pad, and soon after the love for lyrics turned into pure desire, a desire for rhyming. On tracks you’ll hear this savvy lady’s mic skills and electrifying writing. With a mesmerizing flow & honest delivery her track catalog has shown D Flémon is as versatile as music it self. 

D Flémon has produced acclaimed  mixtapes, with From Morning To Nightmares being the latest. You can also check her out on the compilation album The Starting Line-Up (15 Minutes of Fame Entertainment on iTunes). The anticipated  EP Love > War (Love is greater than War) is coming this summer! You definitely need to hear more from this young lady, because she is FLAME ON!



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