Bizzie was born in Poplar Bluff Missouri on January 23rd, and currently resides in New York and attends college, holding a Associates degree, pursing her Bachelors Degree in Psychology. She speaks at many open venues in New York City as well as Westchester County. Bizzie fell in love with poetry in the second grade. All of her experiences in her life thus far are real life situations and are incorporated in her poetry.


Bizzie was raised by her stepmother Candace Cabbil who exposed her to various opportunities as a child. Candace always sent Bizzie to museums, summer reading camps, operas, plays, and made sure she traveled excessively. By the age of 14 Bizzie had been to almost every state in the country and had been outside of the country. Candace instilled black power in her. Bizzie became obsessed with the Black Panther movement and African American History at a young age.  Candace’s intelligence always pushed Bizzie to strive for more. Bizzie was also a daddy’s girl and loves her father dearly.

 Though there was a strong mother figure in her life this didn’t alter Bizzie’s yearning for the presence of her biological mother. You can sense this yearning through her poetry. Yet and still Bizzie perseveres. She is now working on a mixtape called VENT. Bizzie has battle rapped on Spittaz League and will be battling on Queen of The Ring now. She is an extremely motivated individual and probably the most down to earth person you will meet.

Contact Bizzie directly: pages12390@yahoo.com 





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