BLACK GIRL LOST written by: Winter Savage 

Endeavors LARGER than my body’s composition
Born into a problematic society not to mention
Raised in low incoming housing
Mother receiving no pension
Obligated to work her ASS off and can’t AFFORD to pay her ONLY daughter any attention
So I decided to get it elsewhere
 Living wild, young and free
Immaturely and without a care
Indulging into anything or anyone to find instantaneous gratitude
Dancing with the devil trying to forget about everything I was going through
Thinking to myself daddy where are you?
Admiring the masculinity and the dominant qualities of a man
Which is the only way at the time I felt like I could re-connect with my daddy again
Poor child, only role model is a bitter and scarred image of the black women
Portrayed as a silhouette, only good for laying on her back
Desperate to find the definition of whom I am because I know there is more to a woman than that.
Black Girl lost, with too much pride to cry out for help
 Spiritually convicted,  contrarily rich and pure at heart
 Totally consumed by the world
Too distracted to concentrate on myself
And simply enjoy, being a little girl
Painting a mental picture of how things are supposed to be
Steadily creating a perfect image of my divine destiny
Eager to find inner peace, that can always be redeemed
Realizing, no man or no thing, can bring happiness to me
My unique story is intricate and has enabled me to embrace life.
While facing the fact,  that in order to receive my blessings,  I must be willing to sacrifice.
Each day I add purpose to my regimen
I don’t regret anything in my  journey thus far, for it has made me who I am.
I cannot change my past but, I can wholeheartedly accept it.
Now I am ABLE to look in the MIRROR, see my reflection
 And say ALOUD “I am perfectly perfect within my imperfections.”
by: Winter Savage


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