Yasiin Bey(MOS DEF) X Don’t TREAD on ME X VIDEO! (Stop & Frisk Response)

See this Poetry responsibility is just that; a responsibility. See people don’t realize that they coming for you. Who? Nigga only time will tell but don’t look at that clock. You better pay attention to what your doing. Time is ticking, and you have none to waste, woe, nor watch. We want to make sure you are able to at least find out about what is going on. See the REVOLUTION will not be televised and this is correct but you better believe the revolution has begun. It’s been started my G.

Artists near and far and taking a stand. Yes, taking a stand. It sounds cliche to you right? Wel, if “Taking A Stand” sounds cliche to you, you a stupid person.

They are gentifying the fuck out of everyone; black, white, green, purple. If you don’t know that there are people from all backgrounds who grew up in Brooklyn, you’re wylin(Going Crazy).

You have to realize that although racist is still alive, there is this thing called “CLASS” and CLASS is why RACE can possibly NOT be a factor; well, isn’t a factor. Yes, racism is still alive, no one is saying it doesn’t. So *Fist Up* My Brother, sit yo dashiki ass down, I’m not coming for you.


There is a lot of shit going on. A lot of shit going on.

I bring you the underground exclusives. Fuck your numbers game!! -The Street Blogger



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