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Our CEO HrshReyalitee was LIVE on Let Your Voice Be Heard Radio Sunday morning as their feature guest apart of the Dreamers and Doers series!  Let Your Voice Be Heard! Radio is an independent, grassroots, weekly talk show that is hosted by Selena Hill and Patricia Valoy as well as their engineer/radio personality Stanley Fritz. Based out of Harlem, the stations is committed to informing, educating and empowering our generation. It is an available platform for the LYVBH team to dissects and/or debates political and social issues with an honest and open mentality.  Through thought-provoking discussions, the show encourages young people to express their views and empowers them to make positive changes in our world. Let Your Voice Be Heard Radio broadcasts live from WHCR 90.3FM in New  every Sunday from 11 am to 1 pm (EST).

“LYVBH’s “Dreamers & Doers” series spotlights inspirational young people who are using their talent and influence to better their community and the world around them. We interviewed writer, poet and founder of Street Poets NYC Hrsh Reyalitee about how she’s using her gifts of words to uplift others.”

Special thanks to the Be Heard radio team for having Street Poets NYC’s CEO Hrshreyalitee on the show.

In case you missed the interview please  CLICK HERE for the clip from the show.

Group Photo LYVBH

Tune-In every  Sunday morning 11a- 1pm  |  WHCR 90.3FM
Follow on Twitter @BeHeard_Radio | LIKE the Facebook Page


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