For L.atasha A.lcindor also known as L.A., this is about respecting the art. Embarking on her rap journey in 2010 as just a spoken word poet with a passion for Hip Hop, the “nonchalant badass” decided to take the rap game into her hands in her first ever feature, “We Got Bars I” cypher, & has hit the ground running ever since. Put the thoughts of Lauryn Hill, the wildness of M.I.A. and the passion of Kanye West into a blender with sprinkles of Lil Kim and Nas, you would dish, L.A.. Born in Brooklyn as Latasha Alcindor, L.A. has always had a connection to the arts, from dance, writing, acting, and now rapping.

Ladies and Gentlemen give it up for ME! The Street Blogger! I have done it again; brought you the illest in underground, breath-taking, I know. Okay..enough of me and my bullsh*t let’s get to the music. It’s simple. Good Art comes from the people who dare to dig deep and just speak of what they are seeing along the way. Yo, She’s a Poet, singer, EMCEE, and a pretty awesome person if I say so myself! Enough of me….back to L.A. Read on, watch on, thank you for TUNING IN. We appreciate you for stopping by here on StreetPoetsNYC.com. Peace Family. Mother is watching.

– The Street Blogger


Since 2010, L.A. has performed in a multitude of major shows, including opening for Good Music’s Big Sean at NYU (2010), as well as Cali’s own Nipsey Hussle (2012). She also has rocked the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival (2011), headlined for Toronto’s “Yes Yes Y’all” (2012) and surprised stages at SXSW and A3C. Featured on MTV2′s Sucker Freestyles, MTV Rapfix’s “Get in the Game”, Rocawear’s “That’s Rocawear” campaign, & Reebok’s all-female cypher, “The Freestyle”, L.A. has showing her hunger and drive in a two year span but devotes herself to being herself no matter what. With two projects out, “The Presentation” & “The L.A. Riots: Mental Fatality”, L.A. shows her exponential growth and is only getting better, as highlighted when she was named amongst AllHipHop.com’s Top 25 Underground Artists of 2011, featured in a Vibe Magazine (2011) and Ebony Magazine’ SonicBoom article where she was noted to be “lyrically superior to 95% of the people who have major label deals”(2012). But still hungry and humble, L.A. is diligently working on her next project, “LALytes”: Revelations of L.ife A.ddict which is joined with short film series due for release in 2013. L.A. has intrigued fans all over the globe with her captivating wordplay and energy-filled performances, but if you were to ask why she does this, her answer would only be, “the art got me.”

L.A. – A PLACE (Video)

L.A. – That’s ROCAWEAR (Video)



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