IAm The Revolution


It’s not often that a legendary young man comes forth and spits poetry and Hip Hop in a manner that gathers everyone there…. in the manner.  Showing adoration for Poetry and Art in a manner that only our generation can. You Are. I Am. We Are. The Revolution. Mother is Watching.


TL2Travis “Poetry” Little (born June 17, 1990) is a New Orleans singer, musician, poet and dancer. As the only child between his mother and father. He is the second youngest of five.

Poetry attended Abney Elementary, where he wrote his first poem and performed it at his graduation ceremony. Giving him his first taste of spoken word. He later attended St. Augustine HS taking up his passion of music while playing trumpet in the famous “Marching 100 Band”. There he learned about the great music of jazz and the art of musicianship. In college he help co-found “P.O.E. People” (Putting Out Expressive People) at Southeastern Louisiana University. Which has put on many performance around colleges, high schools, and charity benefit parties.

TL1During 2012, Poetry moved to New York CIty (place of birth) in order to gain a more intimate relationship with his biological father and follow his dream in spoken word and music. Since then, he has quickly become a rising star in the poetry community and has vowed to ” Not stop till I’m satisfied.”

TL4Travis Little brings a New Orleans swagger to the stage with his weird sense of fashion, his southern hospitality and an unique voice thats seems to have the crowd stuck and bewilder in amazement. He sometimes can blend into a crowd but not after he’s set fire to the stage or subway train. He’s is definitely a person you can’t forget. “Ya hurrrd me!”

-The Street Blogger



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