Ignorance Driven Knits X Street Poets Artistry Collective: Street Poets NYC X I.D.K.


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‘I don’t know why i’m still The target… because they fear my true power.’ – Ignorance Driven Knowledge


Uniting Knowledge and Style

Ignorance Driven Knits, a Clothing Line with the goal to Counteract Ignorance with creative designs with inspiring and motivating statements. The founder of the clothing line was driven by all of the ignorance in the world and searched for a creative way to raise awareness and knowledge to the public, and on March 14, 2012 Ignorance Driven Knits was founded.

Inspiration Behind the Founder

Jordan A. Coburn – CEO & Founder
“My personal inspiration behind the brand is the black male in America. In 2011 I attained the title of Mr. Claflin University 2011-2012, and with that I presented a platform of rebuilding the African American Male. So that summer and on I did a lot of reading on the black male in America. After a couple of books I realized that there was lot of information that I was ignorant to and I’m pretty sure my peers were ignorant to as well, and then I thought of a creative way of bringing that information to the light.
There is also a sense of responsibility to my family, peers, and community that I felt I had to fulfill and inspire others to do it.”


Much Love to Ignorance Driven Knits. A Powerful brand that we came across tailored for powerful people. There are so many people making changes and invoking the thoughts of change who are coming out and making it known that they are here to stay and here with a purpose and Jordan Coburn. We were estatic at the opportunity to connect with a brand such as IDK because first and foremost it is important to encourage one another!


Besides the message that the clothing line supports, the gear is pretty damn fly. We raffled a few shirts away to the crowd members and the winners were really excited to go online and check out more about what IDK is about. A name goes along way, and so many wear labels, products and brands and have no clue as to what they are wearing or representing and IDK gives us the ability to notice that issue as well as correct it. Big Love to the CEO & Founder of Ignorance Driven Knits for being such a powerful force in the community through his chosen vehicle of expression. Men like Jordan are the people that the youth need to see at the wheel. 

– Street Bloggers



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