Black Buu

Tyra WhiteTyra White is the name of a cutting edge artist that is taking the black art scene by storm. Her dazzling display of color, imaginative uses of everyday activities and jaw dropping character design all come together in a firework display of wonder. Tyra, a 27 year old who lives on the East Coast, makes a name for herself by clearly detailing all the amazing stories she has conjure up over years of experiences and hardships. Often merging sci-fi with haunting striking dark skinned beauties, Tyra creates world’s were black women are futuristic pioneers in a dreamscape all their own.

She is known in the Udoli community because of her flirty, fun blends of Japanese drawing styles and her sharp taste for tribal African blends. She often describes herself as, “A light skinned girl who draws dark skinned girls.” because she understand, embraces and promotes fair black representation and makes…

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