Ladies and Gentlemen THE COMPOSITION; Written In Pain, Poetic Black, Lyrical Movements, Karama Sadaka (The COMPOSITION members) have released their latest project “Black Pain”. I have heard a few pieces off of the album. I have and so far so..AMAZING. Listen, The Composition is a Poetic Group that is no stranger to the New York City underground scene as a whole. Their arrangements, performance, all says “Mothafuckah, I’m speaking to know and you will hear the thunder God if you open your fucking head”. have no choice but to – you want THE COMPOSITION. Buy their album. Why? I’ll be honest with you, because a lot of Poetry cd’s are garbage; they are. This isn’t a Poetry CD, this is a CD that will change your Life..given the opportunity. Seriously, I’m on my second copy; no I’m not bootlegging. Get it now because soon if you don’t…you’ll be the only person without. Catch the stopping by in the Den! They’ve also featured the show, I am honored to say.

The Composition LIVE on BLOG TALK RADIO (Every Thursday)

Listen they also have a radio show. YES! LIVE RADIO. I’ve listened in on may occasions. The Poets are real, and some are real funny. Check them out on BLOG TALK RADIO EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT. When thursday comes..find this articles and CLICK HERE to TUNE INTO THEM ON THE RADIO! Word 

– The Street Blogger

Full Review of the Album from: Smokey Locs (Coming Soon)

Listen if you feel the need to check out more from THE COMPOSITION before getting your copy. Check them out here on Youtube performing Live in the Street Poets Den:

Click here to buy your copy of BLACK PAIN by: The COMPOSITION

BlackPainClick HERE to buy your copy of BLACK PAIN by: The COMPOSITION



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