A THUGS PRAYER FROM PRISON (Poems from Men & Women behind bars)

I’ve Lived Extra-Ordinary

I’ve lived extraordinary –

As a boy – free and UN-preoccupied
I climbed tress and flew kites.
I played and lived
Under the sun.
I hunted dreams
And listened
To old haunted stories.
I ate life
And kindled
The forces of nature.

As a man,
I became a witness to destruction.
I walked
Always missing
The beating sound
Of the heart I left
Buried behind.
My memories smile.
They cast derision
Upon the futile attempt
On my behalf
To usurp a zen-like
Indifference to their place.

I walk alone
Tired and shamed
Craving a companion
A kindred soul
But I live
On a desolate land
Where solitude and space
Are a fiercely guarded commodity
I sing to the wind
And the moribund butterfly
Who seems more together
Than the whole of my life

G. Alvarado

Source: http://www.gangsandkids.com



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