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Hrsh Reyalitee


NIGGER(Nigga) (Pronounced: Nig-Ger or Nig-Guh): Noun(N.) and adjective (Adj.) – Nigger; it is a Word. Nigga; is the slag of that same word (Nigger), there is no difference between the two in definition. One is with a European Accent, one has more flavor. It is a word that European/White and/or Caucasian people LOVED and some still do Love to call African/Black and/or All People of Color so darker people can feel low about themselves. To gain control over the darker people; this is the only way to gain control of the world. The word was used to beat, bruise, break down, dismantle, etc (you get it) the darker people and our family structure. This word still makes many feel uncomfortable because of the history behind this word.

“I did not feel the intensity of the word until I went to College, this is because I…

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