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A Word About Special Interests

Politicians regularly denounce and dismiss what they call “Special Interests” or “Special Interest groups.” Of course, these terms are often (but not always) coded language referring to issues or people that are either non-white, non-male, non-privileged, or by definition, non-important by “mainstream” standards. Typically, Blacks, Latinos, women, the poor, the gay community and many other marginalized people comprise such “special interests.”

Fortunately, organizations comprised of committed people form to protect and advance these varied “special interests.” Unions for example represent the “special interests” of workers and in doing so are responsible for making the workplace more tolerable and empowering for all of us. Tenant associations fight to protect the “special interests” of people that rent apartments in residential buildings. All renters have such groups to thank for the establishment of rent caps, written leases which clearly specify rental terms, tenant and landlord responsibilities, housing courts…

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