Street Style: KGL (Kigali, Rwanda)



Kicking it with Ama-G the Black and SamiLOVE at Ibisumizi Records, Kigali, Rwanda. 

What do you call your style? 

A.G.: It’s Ama-G Style. Just

S.L.: And SamiLOVE style. You know.


Ha.  Okay. Tell me, where is your favorite place in Kigali to find clothes? The best place? 

A.G. : On de street.

S.L.: Safik Boutique

A.G.: Mm. Yeah. Safik Boutique. Uh huh.

Where is it? Here in Nyamirambo?

S.L.: Yeah.

What’s your favorite piece of clothing?

S.L.: These. This. Soft window (pointing to her tights).

A.G.: This (holding up his glasses).

All glasses, or those glasses? 

A.G: All. NO. This one. (He takes the glasses off his face, and replaces them with another, small wire pair.)


Haha okay. How many glasses do you have? 

A.G.: Many.

Who is your fashion icon? Best dressed?

A.G.: DMX.

DMX? Seriously? He’s always wearing black.

A.G.: DMX.

S.L.: And for me, Rihanna.

Okay. Thanks!

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