Kwanzaa edition: week of 12/10

Learn N(*%^*&%

The Black Arts Movement

Kwanzaa_picFor Monday December 10, we’ll finish off the course with a quick look at the origins and meaning of Kwanzaa. First, view this short video on the origins of Kwanzaa from its founder, Dr. Maulana Karenga of California State University at Long Beach:

Next look at the following section on the Official Kwanzaa website:

  • The Seven Principles” (“Nguzo Saba” in Swahili)
  • Finally, Read Floyd Hayes and Judson Jeffries’s essay “US Does Not Stand for United Slaves!”, a 14-page PDF on the Readings page. Pay special attention to the sections “US is born”, “Kawaida as an Emancipatory Ideology”, “The Waning of the US Organization”, and “Reassessment” (pages 74-88)

    For Thursday December 13, we’ll have a formal review session for the final exam and evaluate the course as a whole. To prepare for that, read “Zen and the Art of Finals” (PDF on the Resources page) and…

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