Greetings Powerful People!!!!!! Damn. Everytime I write to you it feels better and better the God in me adores the God in you. However, this one is for the EMCEE. See, the undaground Vault is serious and it is exactly that. It is always packed and the lyrics are always coming absolutely Correct so, read between these lines. Yo @)#$%^$*& wants to be here, OCTOBER 13 (YES, THE DAY BEFORE THE LAST STREET POETS DEN THEE OPEN MIC SESSION IN THE DEN, btw. No shame.). This event is brought to you by one of the groups of power, DOING IT: Meta4rikal Mindz, and the show is hosted by HRSH REYALITEE


Tha UndaGround Vault V

Ya know, I will even say so myself. With my uplifted mind and all eyes open, She is not.bad.on.the.eyes. Picture of Perfect, and teasing like aint yo business.
Don’t believe me? Look at yo face pimpin, Lol. Peace. 



One comment

  1. Biggups to the POWERFUL Sista HRSH N CHARGE for the rave review of this AWESOME upcoming event!

    This will be a BIG night for indie UNDERGROUND HIP HOP! Can’t wait to check out the talent behind the TALENTED EMCEES in the lineup!

    And I know the STREET POETS DEN event taking place the following day will be just as POWERFUL and not to miss!

    So everyone within VIEW of this SEXY FLYER should def take advantage of both of these “LAST of the CREATIVE” events of 2012!

    jDuZiT of Meta4rikal Mindz


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