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“Have you ever felt like you were blessed with a picture, with a vision or something, and you want to share with everybody else and want them to see every little detail?  That’s what I like most about poetry. “


Piranhas have built quite the reputation for themselves.

They are small. And they will attack you.  They have razor sharp teeth that tear at flesh, bit by bit and are illegal in 21 states. Their notorious influence of fear has sparked a slur of Hollywood attempts at horror films and scaring people away from Whitewater Rivers.

When I asked Rehema McNeil what her favorite animal was she chose two; one she said she dreams about often, which was crocodiles and the other the little but dangerous piranha.

It’s no wonder she thought of such.

Standing at 5’4 with Sienna brown cheeks and a youthful glare in her smile, Rehema’s…

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