C. Bravo Productions Presents SPOKEN INK



September 2012 New York, New York — Good Morning Family! I hope all is Powerful with you also! So Tomorrow night C. Bravo Productions have teamed up with The Nuyorican Poets Cafe and there will be a SLAM! Now Slamming is a sport! A great way to show off and maybe flex here or there. I know there are alot of slammers out there, and I wish you all great luck! BUT I also know there are a lot of OPEN MIC’ers in the world! You guys are my favorite! Come check the slam and enjoy! Then get ready because YOU TOO can perform at the Nuyo! Tomorrow Night! 


Because We appreciate everyone’s efforts and commitment to their talents and loves! The WINNER of the Slam will get into THEE OPEN MIC for Free on September 28th, and will featured on STREETPOETSNYC.com! Slammers need Love too, Lol. 


– The Street Blogger





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