Introducing JanuarieYork x STREET POETS Midwest

 Good Morning Family, I hope everything is Powerful with you also. I have some great news that I’d like to share with everyone. It’s been killing me holding it inside! aaahhh! Now it is time. Street Poets can be found anywhere and all over the world.  These people are not just great Artists, but just as the Street Poets of New York City, these people are Powerful. They do not accept their apparent hungry for change, growth, and higher level understanding, they accept their duty to be…revolutionary. Ladies & Gentlemen, I introduce to you, STREET POETS Midwest.

Bringing the Poets and Artists of all kinds to the forefront from the Midwestern region of these United States will be Writer that we’ve all been waiting for.  I introduce the newest Street Poets Writer, JanuarieYork. Jaunarie will be featuring artist, shows, JanuarieYork and more on the Street Poets MIDWEST page, (To find the page click the “Street Poets MIDWEST logo on the home page.). She will be attending this months Thee Open Mic session as well, so if you want to meet her, Sept 28th is the time!

We understand Street Poets are everywhere, and doing exactly what Street Poets DO. I heard Midwest got next? I guess you can say, we’re about to get put on. To learn MORE about Januarie York, read below! Leave comments right on this post welcoming JanuarieYork!

– The Street Blogger 

Photo: JanuarieYork (


JanuarieYork is an Indianapolis, Indiana native writer, poet and host.  She began performing her written works at local open mics in 2003 and over the last 8 years, has developed a strong fan base for not only her literary articles and blogs, but the various Spoken Word Poetry Shows she has helped create, organize and/or performed in.   In 2007, she helped co-write her first poetry-stage play, “The Other Woman”, with a friend but after much time and effort, the play was shelved due to funding.  In addition to winning several local poetry slams and touring colleges and other cities, Januarie’s performing abilities have allowed her to participate in several high profile local events including “The 20th Annual Meet the Artist” event, “The Girls Scout Convention” and the Centennial NAACP Ceremony.  In 2010, Ms. York was chosen as a performing artist for ‘The Art Council’s Art & Soul Celebration’, where she produced her first dramatic poetry series, “Gravity: a love story”.   Her literary poetry has been published in The Indianapolis Star and The Indianapolis Recorder, as well as several local magazines.

Her writing and creativity are hailed as “relatable” and “transparent”.  She recently released her 1st full length spoken word poetry cd, La Douleur eXquise, and produced her 2nd full length dramatic poetry series, The eXquisite Pain.  The show received rave reviews.  JanuarieYork is currently working on her first book, a collection of poetry and stories, as well as freelance writing for Insight2Incite Magazine, as well as Street Poets NYC Artistry Collective.




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