Twitter turns over OWS tweets after threat from judge



Faced with a harsh contempt of court threat, Twitter today surrendered the tweets of an Occupy Wall Street protestor to a Manhattan judge.

The tweets belong to Malcolm Harris, who was among hundreds arrested last year during a protest that spilled onto the Brooklyn Bridge.

The case became a media sensation after Twitter notified Harris about prosecutors’ demands for his account. Harris then challenged the demand but, in a remarkable decision, Judge Matthew Sciarrino Jr., ruled that he had no standing because the tweets did not belong to him.

After Twitter stepped in on Harris’s behalf, Sciarrino issued another unusual decision that suggested people have little or no constitutional rights in what they publish on social media.

Twitter is appealing the rulings but Sciarrino effectively shut down the appeal this month by ordering the company to turn over Harris’ account or face a contempt of court order and a…

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