What’s up family! I hope everything is powerful with you also. So, I’d like to introduce the Powerful gentlemen behind Let’s Work Entertainment, Dion Suleman and Lamar K. Cheston of Let’s Work Entertainment. I don’t know about you bit I Love Pappy! I keep up with every episode. The actors take on their parts with conviction, and it’s refreshing each and every time. Ahh, but pay attention, there is always a message but you’d have to click the link- and watch all of the episodes! I’m sure you’ll fall in Love with Pappy as well. Enjoy!

Pappy. I Love it!

Follow Lamar K. Cheston on twitter at @LamarKCheston!


"The mission of Lets Work Ent. is to provide quality media 
production with relevant messages that are prevalent in 
contemporary society. Additionally, we aim to provide a platform 
for emerging artists to create in various capacities. As such, 
the target market will consist of the segment of the New York City
population who have an indulgence for thought provoking
artistry." - Let's Work Entertainment

– The Street Blogger


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