Hello Family. I hope everything is Powerful with you also! Check this out- Women and Wine, sounds yummy to me. So Cereus Art reached out to us about this event and were so excited so support our friends in the DMV. So there will be a Country wide tour. Yes, need I write it again? A COUNTRY WIDE TOUR! The tour is brought to you by Cereus Arts  and you can get more info about the organization at! Talk about some of the best Poets all over the Country, and we get to see them perform live all in one month?! Maaan Def Jam ain’t got nothing on us. Elevate your mind, heighten your planes, and ride this wave with Gods and Goddesses.

…. Check the details baby. I make these Street Poets look good, you all should see what I have on today! Very Pro- Power. Stay Supah Awsum for me. Peace.

– The Street Blogger

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