“No Rows, No Locs (& No Blacks?)” –Hampton University


the (shaan)anigans.

First Morehouse bans male effeminacy, and now Hampton bans natural hairstyles for men enrolled in their MBA program. Actually, the hair ban happened first. 2001, to be exact. But the topic has resurfaced and many young Black professionals are chiming in. The fact that a Black institution could even suggest such a racist policy leaves me tilting and scratching my beautiful nappy head.

Many people do not understand why this ban, or Morehouse’s, is problematic. Excuse after excuse about the institution’s private status or the “real world” have been thrown out. And while it is true that corporate (White) America will often not allow natural (Black) hairstyles, the ban is still an issue. Why do our people not realize that this is the problem that creates the problem?

By creating this ban, Hampton University is cosigning the belief that Black hair is unprofessional. As an institution, they are telling students…

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