New York, New York — Hello and Hello again! This is your truely the STREET BLOGGER and here I go again! So I want to share with you a Comedy series produced by Darren Mallett, Brett Sanders and Ben Logan. It’s a bold comedy that left me intrigued from beginning to end. It also highlights with a slight tease the stereotypes of today, and makes you think once or twice. Most importantly it is hilarious! It’s good to see independent film makers and writers bring back the essence of “Funny”, the show gave me a ‘Sex In The City’ meets ‘Girlfriends’ kind of vibe, it’s dope! Pearl Taylor is also featured in the comedy….with that said, hit PLAY.

Meet The Guys behind BRETT AND THE CITY:

Brett Sanders, Creator/Exec.Producer/Writer 

With the exception of that time he spent in a Mexican prison for male prostitution, Brett Sanders is pretty much just an average guy. The Mexican prison thing was really just a big miss understanding. One day while visiting Tijuana’s Red Light District; out of sheer curiosity, Brett decided to walk up to a group of under cover cops and asked them what was the going local rate for a blow job. However seeing how his Spanish was so horrible, they accidentally mistook him for a gay male hooker trying to negotiate a group rate with them, and then the whole thing just got blown completely out of proportion… (More at BrettInTheCity.com)

 Darren Mallett, Co-Creator/Exec. Producer/Director

Darren Mallett is a producer/director living in NYC. Born in Brooklyn and raised in Tampa, FL; Darren is a graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. In 2006 he founded the Agape Production Group, a non-profit dedicated to providing performance opportunities for young minority artist in Tampa, Florida. A member of Plastic Flamingo Theater Company where credits include: Get a Clue (director) RIP JD (associate dir)Buddah-Nosh (asst. dir).

Benjamin Logan, Exec. Producer/Asst. Director

Benajmin Logan was raised in Tampa, FL where at an early age, he realized that he wanted to be a part of the arts. Early on in elementary school he met Darren and Pearl Taylor (Yvonne); and since that day he immediately prepared himself for a life in film.
After a few crazy years in his twenties, he found himself with a wonderful career as a filmmaker and has since been enjoying every minute of it. Ben says he can’t wait to see what life has to offer further down the road. He is sure that if he keeps collaborating with great people like Brett & Darren: and keep on fighting the good fight, nothing but good will come to him.

More Webisodes? Check out BrettAndTheCity.com – The Street Blogger

The Brett and the City Web Series is directly based on the hit comedy blog by the same name. The blog originally started out two years ago as a series of hilarious and extremely outrageous short literary stories pulled directly from the life of comedy writer Brett Sanders. However after literally thousands of comments and requests from readers all around the world saying how much they would just LOVE to one day see the crazy scenarios acted out in real life. Brett along with Darren and Ben finally decided to take the most popular stories from the literary blog, and turn them into full fledged webisodes.


Brett and his sock-monkey best friend Bobo, feel threatened by a new employee at CBC Copiers. Brett runs to his wacky therapist, Dr. Jones to find the balls to stand up for himself at work and save his very existence! -Brettandthecity.com


Source: BrettInTheCity.com



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