Lionel Mc’ Hare Interview: HRSH REYALITEE

 Lionel Mc’ Hare: Hello Hrsh Reyalitee! It is a pleasure you interview with you.

Hrsh Reyalitee: Much Love. Awesome, thank you.

Lionel Mc’ Hare: You are a very passionate person, and it reflects in everything that you do. Where do you get your passion?

Hrsh Reyalitee: “I’ve been through a lot of things. Some of those things I had to go through, and some of the things I put myself through. After going through it all, I realized that I didn’t want to waste time anymore. I’ve been writing Poetry all my life, and the moment I realized it was my ‘Passion’ I was ready. I always knew what the word Passion was… I just didn’t know what to call mine, after I did it was a wrap. It’s never a wrap until you really find out what your passion is…once you’ve got it. Believe in it and wrap it up. I had lots of things distracting me, Good and Bad. All bullshit to me now tho’

Lionel Mc’ Hare: I read your interview with Phylicia Rashad and Common, both that you wrote while working with You are an incredible Journalist! How was that experience?

 Hrsh Reyalitee: I watch the Cosby show all the time when I was younger, I never thought I’d get the chance to speak to Clair Huxtable in real Life (Laughs). She was an amazing person with an incredible spirit. I was a very proud Black Girl during our entire conversation. She said to me “People who curse in their music have never listened to the blue” and that line has been with me since I did that interview 2 years ago. Think about that line…she’s right. Common was dope. As Usual. Much Love to Anastasia Wright and IMG for granting me the opportunity to write with FRSHPULP.

Lionel Mc’ Hare: Would you get back into doing more journalism stuff?

 Hrsh Reyalitee: Yes, I actually never stopped with my journalism.

Lionel Mc’ Hare: So, you are a Poet. An incredible Poet. You’ve performed at the Nuyorican and you packed out The Bowery Poetry Club. You featured both shows, and that is big! How did you enjoy those experiences?

 Hrsh Reyalitee: People act so strange when they are intimidated. I don’t mind saying that because I was very intimidated at both events. I had my guard up, and I was dying to hit the stage to take it down briefly. I did, and it felt good. There is so much history in both of those Legendary locations, I couldn’t help but to be nervous, but I had a great time during both shows. They were actually a year apart. The bowery was in 2011, Nuyorican was May 2012.

Lionel Mc’ Hare: You’ve worked with Phylicia Rashad, Common, Von King Cultural Arts Center, Rising Star Magazine, FRSHPULP Magazine, Demesier Magazine, Idris Alba, Currensy the Rapper, and more! You still get nervous?

 Hrsh Reyalitee: What do you mean?

Lionel Mc’ Hare: We all meet Hrsh Reyalitee as a Poet first actually. Now you are breaking into Producing. First the Open Mic. Word On The Street, Your Producing a show with Pen+Mic=Revolution?

Hrsh Reyalitee: Haha! Yeah, I’m producing shows because I feel like people are producing terrible Poetry shows. They are trying to make it Hip Hop; you can’t because hip hop is Poetry not vice versa. Not to downplay hip hop but it’s one of those, what came first the word or the pen kind of things. Folks are trying to make millions off Poetry events, which is fine if your a Poet. People are trying to start beef and that never sits well with me because this is Poetry. There is no room for Beef in Poetry, Beef and Poetry don’t make sense together if it’s not brunch.

Lionel Mc’ Hare: How is Hrsh Reyalitee’s Love Life?

Hrsh Reyalitee: Everyone is in it! 

Lionel Mc’ Hare: Are You single?

Hrsh Ryalitee: Nope. I am not single.

Lionel Mc’ Hare: What do think about the different stands on Sexuality?

 Hrsh Reyalitee: I don’t care about sexuality. Communities are crumbling. Employment is skyrocketing. The Police are killing the young black men. Many Elderly people don’t have proper education or money to protect themselves. The war on sexuality is no war of mine. I don’t defend gay, and I don’t defend straight. I say Love whoever you want to Love because I don’t care about that. I care more so about your well being, not who you choice to lay down with.

Lionel Mc’ Hare: What’s your favorite food?

Hrsh Reyalitee: Cooked, Lol.

Lionel McHare: Now you host a Monthly Open Mic. What is The purpose of this Open Mic?

 Hrsh Reyalitee: “Well, we are striving to create a platform for the alternative Artist as far as this event. The event is for the Artist who wants to be able to be themselves in a creative atmosphere while still benefiting from the networking and socializing components of a traditional Open Mic event.”

Lionel Mc’ Hare: Why are the alcoholic drinks free at Thee Open Mic? Don’t you guys lose a lot of money from the free drinks? Isn’t that a bad thing to not make profit.

Hrsh Reyalitee: Lol. It’s cool.

Lionel Mc’ Hare: What makes this Open Mic so special? Why come to this show and not to any of the other 5,000,000,000 Open Mics that happen all over the city? Why support The Street Poets NYC?

 Hrsh Reyalitee: It’s not a boring show. Your not going to come JUST to hit the open mic and leave. Your going to want to stay, you’re going to want to be involved. After you hit the Open Mic, we keep in touch in hopes to bring more performance opportunities to the Open Mic’ers that roc the best. As far as the other Open Mics… I’ve never heard of any of them. I am an Artist first and I hit the Open Mic scene very heavy in late 2010, and was disappointed most of the time.

I had to pay a cover charge which was fine, but then I had to pay for $8 drinks on a Tuesday or Wednesday night when I don’t even want to drink! There were no Open Mic’s on Friday Nights, and if a host was lucky enough to get a friday night, then I had to be down with the ‘In Crowd’ to get a slot; and I was very out. The host were always more concerned with Promoting and plugging themselves and I thought, “Don’t you already have a show, can I Live?”. I felt as though the open mic scene was purely a hustle, and had nothing to do with Artistry at all. Pure entertainment, and no one was being helped, nor saved. Every halfway descent show was always empty because people soak up bullshit. I started this open mic because people will take Real….when it is presented to them.

Lionel Mc’ Hare: How did You meet ‘EKhoed IntelleKt’?

Hrsh Reyalitee: I meet them through Poetry.

Lionel Mc’ Hare: Can I interview you again sometimes…I had a great time.

 Hrsh Reyalitee: Strange, Lol.

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