New York, New York  — How do we do it! Poetry is so amazing, I’m getting ahead of myself already!

Greetings family, I have someone new to tell you all about, and your absolutely going to LOVE his flow. Keep reading and watch the footage at the end of the post. Street Poets Family, I introduce to you…TOO BLACK.

TOO BLACK is a rising spoken word artist who is known for his raw and heavy content about race, class, and society. However, TOO BLACK is also recognized for his sarcastic and often nonchalant demeanor. His self-described “Militant Sarcasm” allows the crowd to be entertained while still digesting heavy amounts of information and intricate perspectives. You may think you understand his name but as he says, “If you think there is such a thing as being “Too Black” then you probably do not get it.” TOO BLACK has opened for nationally renowned poets including former Indiana poet laureate Tasha Jones and Def Jam HBO poet Tommy Bottoms. He is a graduate of Ball State University in Telecommunications.”

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– The Street Blogger

Click HERE for more footage of TOO BLACK!


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