#WordOnTheStreet Louis Conphliction (St. Louis, MO)

Greetings Family! So, I have someone that I think you’d absolutely LOVE! He’s a Poet from St. Louis. Yes, Missouri! Poets are able to connect all over the world, really. As you know, we do nothing but bring you the best and finest in Poetry, Hip Hop, and every other category that represents our people an greatness as synonyms. So it is only right that we bring you this Poet….from St. Louis named…. Louis Conphliction:
Louis Conphliction isn’t an entertainer, he is Entertainment!Whether ravaging sixteen bars, serenading love interests or igniting ourinner most passions with poetry, you are bound to request Louis
Conphliction’s presence inside of your hearts, minds and homes.
St. Louis, MO was his first stage, being born and raised under the Arch; Louis was influenced by the dark beauty of St. Louis. Louis has decided to use his talents to create a movement around self-love, self-worth, self-respect and self-awareness to eclectic beats and empowering words.
As a man of Alpha Phi Alpha, Louis is a man of his words and his dedication to his community runs deep. You can find Louis mentoring inner city youth through Urban Artist Alliance of Children Development. With Louis’s help UAACD Development teaches children how to resort to words, creativity and arts, instead of violence. When he’s not doing that, he’s winning Poetry/Spoken Word Slams all over the United States from St. Louis, to NYC to Philly and among thos, Black On Black Rhyme- Atlanta’s Slam.
As well as performing for students; elementary aged*, all the way to collegiate young adults.
(UM-St. Louis, Mizzou, St. Louis Community colleges, Harrist-Stowe State University, to name a few)
If you’re ever in St. Louis, check him out on Friday nights where he Hosts UAACD’s Urb Poetry Open Mic Night at Legacy Books & Café. Legacy has been the staple for Spoken Word for in St. Louis, MO for the last ten years and it is where Louis calls home.
More info on Louis?
Check out the footage of Louis!

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