Join the STREET POETS NYC for another session of THEE OPEN MIC on Friday July 20th, 2012, and we are back in the STREET POETS DEN. This time around we have a very very special feature all the way from Philly, and She is coming with the Poetry. Ladies and Gentlemen, our feature for the evening, Ms. Wise. The Cover is $10 per person, the drinks are free all night, and there is a smoking section for our mature smokers to relax, snap and take in the vapors of versed stanzas. If you need something to eat, we’ve got you covered, sometimes Poetry, long clapping and snapping makes us hungry too, there are $3.00 specials in the Den Cafe! This Event takes place in Brooklyn, New York. For location RSVP with your name and guest names to! This is a 21 and over event. As Usual.

Powerful is a Lifestyle. We Live it.

Every month THE STREET POETS NYC brings Artists and Art lovers together from all backgrounds, lifestyles, and goals. We network, support Artist projects by purchasing Product (Books, CD’s, more). Most importantly, we show Love, and we respect each other, we break barriers and stereotypes and look good doing it. Yes these types of evening are very exclusive, so you must RSVP for Entry to 

$10 Cover per person

Free drinks all night

Smoking Section

Den Cafe Specials. 



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Thank You for Your support! It is more than appreciated, please continue to support the Street Poets NYC as we make strides to make progress in all of our communities. See you on July 20th! 


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