The Scholastic street wear sneaker head: Uptown Roamers


Golden Ally Apparel. Life.

Hometown: Jamaica Queens ,NY

As the college days are over for the Troy University graduate , the business days began.A “Hip hop head” with a vision to impact the sneaker world.”Jiggy ” Williams was inspired by the song -Uptown roamers by Wale -he saw the name speaking for its self in time to come. Uptown Roamers is a T-shirt brand that accompanies a sneaker head’s dream, its blog/website feeds a shoe addicts’ addiction with post everyday from the most popular sports brands.While “Jiggy” eats , sleeps and shits his brand more than likely he is contributing to great means to become a more indulged businessman.

I asked him what’s one important thing that the G.a.a.l. Readers should know , in humbling words he stated ” I’d like the world to know that Uptown Roamers is here to stay. And that there’s a lot more coming so stay tuned . Respect.”

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