More Than A Dope Boy


The Facade

I’m selling dope straight from my IPhone” Rick Ross

Is the reflection being distorted by the struggling lower class, due to street dealings and violence for profit, within the Hip Pop music culture? Many of Hip Hop artists such as Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy and T. I., just to name a few, are for certain rich enough they no longer have to do street dealings or commit acts of violence. Even with low record sales these artists are not forced to resort to selling drugs or killing for their survival, so why paint such a picture?

Even though hip hop artist are very influential on todays society, the ambition of a dope boy isn’t to be like lil’ wayne,Rick Ross ect. But his ambition is that of any man by wanting to be a provider for his family. How hip hop artist make it sound cool to…

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