Royal Jelly Harlem

THIS is dope. Word.

what we LIKE NYC

One of our favorite looks this season are beautiful summer dresses in colorful and vibrant African prints.  We’ve just found a new label, Royal Jelly Harlem, that makes exactly what we’ve been searching for.

Designed by native New Yorker Maya Gorgoni in partnership with her hip, former fashion stylist Mom, Teta Frye Gorgoni, the clothes are proudly made in New York.  Maya is New York through and through.  Raised in Soho, the daughter of world renowned Artist and Photo-Journalist, Gianfranco Gorgoni, she travelled extensively growing up with her well-heeled parents.  Now living in Harlem, her frequent trips to Africa have inspired her to produce clothing utilising the intricate and beautiful textile designs she has discovered on her many trips.

One of the special things about the collection is that pieces are designed in classic 50s and 60s silhouettes.  All the fabrics are vibrant West African designs, which gives the classic…

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