Don’t talk about it, be about it.

THEY don’t care about shit unless we make their money funny. STOP buying. STOP consuming. STOP spending your money on Corporations and Public services. By Locally, support independent business, not to ONLY help them, but to take the money OUT the other mans hand. It would work. No one has a solution. So. There is one to BEGIN with. Don’t be scared.


To be more specific. I DO NOT RIDE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION ON THE WEEKEND. We have to make sacrifices. We have to! Anything worth having is worth sacrificing  for. Can you imagine if we didn’t ride the subway for 1-2 days a week(the weekend)? AND did it in the name of Justice? Maaannnnn they would feel it! They would! So what’s goooooooooooood?

– Hrsh Reyalitee


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