Thank You.

A warm thank you to everyone who will came out to support us on September 25th for #HRSH. Much Love to Brown Suga Bree who came all the way from Philly to do her thing! See you guys next month on Octoer 30th, and Supah is doing this thing this time around. Here are a few shots I got from folks phones. It is because of you that this platform; your platform, can being you Artists who are from near and far and pay (features) them first and foremost and position them right in from of an audience of minds … Continue reading Thank You.

African Prints Are Not From Africa (

So when I read this article that a colleague of mine shared; Tamara Hayes…it made think about how often we are confused and mislead by our own culture here in America. I am not claiming th culture displayed in the picture abovr but more so recognizing it as being apart of my heritage. My background, and something I am tied to add to the mant possibilities of what I might be. For sure I connect with one aspect of the photo most of all. A strong black woman. As a strong black woman , I have a urge to find … Continue reading African Prints Are Not From Africa (