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'Powerful Is A Lifestyle. We Live it.'

 Welcome to The Official STREET POETS NYC (SPAC) ®  Website! 


The Street Poets of New York City are more Leaders. Young adults who are aiming to aid in the vocal revolution; with a unique focus to educate the youth. We are also in the business of getting out our message. We are Artists. Welcome to the website where we share our art, thoughts, events, and broadcast the happenings of other Underground Artist in high demand!  Enjoy! Submit! Stay up to date! Come out to a show!  
Street Poet News:
G - Wise and Supe The Dude will be collaborating in July.

G – Wise and Supe The Dude will be collaborating in July.

Click the picture above to go to HRSH REYALITEE's Official website.

Click the picture above to go to HRSH REYALITEE’s Official website.

Check out our upcoming events! The blog is also for sure worth a click, we post about everything from New Underground music, events, daily motivation, and news.





42 thoughts on “

  1. Hi. I’m rsvp for the street poets show.

  2. When is the next event? I live in Jersey and the hurricane has my transport home stopping at 10pm :-(

  3. This blog is realy great! Thanks for doing awesome work on this site.

  4. The Street Poets are dope!

  5. Who does booking for this venue?

  6. Check OUT! – Ekhoed Intellekt

  7. I want a mouth so that I can pray to the Gods for water. For I know that if a young man washes his hands properly, he can eat with Kings

  8. Want to be kept posted about next open mic events. I need to get back into what I love doing

  9. Hi I am interested in sharing my spoken word piece in the coming up event on 6/28 if it is possible any info you can give me on going about it will be so helpful I can be reached at 516-854-2497
    Thanks u!!
    Alia Calderon

  10. Would you put me on to more info of your place

  11. I’d like to attend 6/28. I am in a wheelchair, can you contact me at 718 585-4984?

  12. I want to be apart of street poets nyc & was referred here.

  13. Im am coming down this evening to the open mic. Cant front Im kinda excited.

  14. Will we get in if we don’t RSVP? If we just found out about this the night of?

  15. I’m 19 and I’m a raw poetry writer n I would love to share.. Do I have to be of age to get in just to share my poetry?

  16. Hey, I couldn’t make the open mic on Sep. 27th so I was wondering when is the next one? Also for these big open mic nights, do you have to be 21+? I’m still 19 which is why I asked.

  17. Hey Yo, I met 2 of ya members on the C Train, very impressive punches….I am an African smooth percussionist, will like to add some background rhythms to some of the sweet flowing Punches Of Exciting Moments ( POEM). Anybody Interested……send me an email:

  18. How to send my music?

  19. I would like to join your group. How do I join? Sylvia

  20. When and where will the next engagement occur?


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